A virtual performing arts event series by performers for performers

When: Friday, November 20 at 8:00 pm EST
Where: Virtual, live-streamed to YouTube Live
Tickets: This is a free event! Grab a ticket.


FRAMES is a virtual performance event series born out of the need to communicate and share creativity through screens.

In the past year, we’ve all seen our lives go through heavy, unprecedented changes. For some, this was a small adjustment, but for others, it’s caused a reframing of their perspectives. We’ve felt our lives transform and become subject to new guidelines, directions, and boundaries to live by. All of these things, have reframed the way we live, but of course, subjectively. Such impact has forced everyone to look through a new perspective, a new frame.

These shifts have forced us to reframe our lives, and embrace technology in an effort to stay connected to the world around us.


FRAMES is an open call to all performers, dancers, actors, poets, filmmakers, multi-media artists, and the like.

We invite you to take to your phones, cameras, computers, and create a piece that explores the concept of living within frames and through screens.


We're thrilled to introduce the artists for our November FRAMES festival!

dusking // AJ Gaylon
Sleeping Walking the Pluriverse // Peter Fung
Under the Shadow // Sumaya Barakat
Crash // Erin Neupauer
by side by // Margaret Weiss + Mike Brun
Ephemeral Pleasures // Haley Miller
Relation // Mario Gonzalez
I am a box // Hanns Scheewe
Selection // Rachel Linsky

Stay tuned!

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